WANACon February 2014

WANACon Feb 21 & Feb 22, 2014
WANACon Feb 21 & Feb 22, 2014

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Welcome to WANACon 2/2014. The conference you can should attend in your PJs.

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Thanks to our attendees, volunteers & presenters for making WANACon so much fun!

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Welcome to WANACon Feb 2014. The conference you can should attend in your PJs.

Why spend your hard earned money on plane tickets, overpriced food and hotels when you can have the conference experience right from the comfort of your own home? YES. WANA has made it that easy with live presentations in our state-of-the art virtual classrooms. This is as close to the conference experience as possible, only every seat is the BEST seat.

WANACon is a truly interactive entirely-online Writer’s Conference. No Yahoo loops or text based online conferences here. You’ll be able to chat with the presenters, see most presenters via their webcam, see a slideshow or the presenter’s screen, type text questions if the pets or children are making noise, and of course, pass notes behind the moderator’s back.

And yes, PJs are appropriate conference wear.

Scheduled for February 21st and 22nd, the weekend after after Valentine’s Day, this WANACon will pay special attention to the Romance genre and helping you figure out what to do with your NaNoWriMo creation.


Click to watch Gabriela Pereira’s free workshop on “How to Get the Most Out of a Conference”

Thanks to Gabriela and diyMFA.com for presenting at the Open House. The recording plays best in Chrome & Firefox.  Download the slides here.

Our current roster of presenters includes:

New To WANACon

Shirley Jump
Shirley Jump
KEYNOTE: Creating Compelling, Unforgettable Characters

Angela BeccaAngela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi
BACKSTORY: How Your Hero’s Past Shapes His Future

Mercedes Yardley
Writing in Stolen Moments: Building Your Novel One Sentence at a Time

clayphotostaceyClay Gilbert and Stacey Brewer
PDMI Publishing Editorial Department Presentation


julie-duffygabrielaGabriela Pereira and Julie Duffy
Simple System to Rock Your Revisions



Daven Anderson
Why Choose A Small Press?


Kait Nolan

Kait Nolan
Self Publishing: Preparing To Launch


Sandra Brannan
Jumping Into Bed Between an Explosion and a Firestorm of Bullets


Virginia Jennings
Inside The Mind Of An Illustrator


August McLaughlin
August McLaughlin
Write-amin 101: Eat Well, Write Better!

Ellie Ann Soderstrom
Collaboration Station


Returning Favorites

With All New Sessions

Kristen Lamb
Kristen Lamb
The Devil’s in the Details–World-Building 101
And Blogging for Authors
And Branding for Writers

gabrielaGabriela Pereira
7 Steps to a Stronger Love Story


J.E. Fishman
How Nonfiction Colors Fiction

Jami Picture 200 x 300
Jami Gold
An Introvert’s Guide to Twitter

Jenny HansenJenny Hansen
OneNote: One Solution to Organizing Your Work

Laird Sapir
Build an Author Website Without Getting Burned

Lisa Hall-Wilson
Lisa Hall-Wilson
Beyond Basics: Writing Effective Inner Dialogue

Marcy Kennedy
Marcy Kennedy
Putting Your Inner Editor to Work – Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

ReavisPhotoReavis Z. Wortham
The Process and Pitfalls of Writing

Information on each session can be found here.


Previous Attendees: Click here for the Oct2013 WANACon pages.