Jami Gold: Lost Your Pants? The Impatient Writer’s Guide to Plotting a Story

  • “I’ve read books on craft. Structure, plotting, and all that jazz. So I went into the Lost Your Pants? class already knowing about plot and structure. However, looking back on it now, I feel as though what I knew from reading those books was just the tip of the iceberg, and I’m hungry to learn more! Jami Gold is not only the master of structure and plotting spreadsheets, she’s also the master at taking all those books on craft and rolling them into a single, easy, cohesive plan. With her ability to thoroughly understand plot and character arcs, she has created a special offering for pantsers and their muses.” — Melinda Collins


  • “I knew when I read the description it would be a good course for me, a die-hard pantser who sometimes gets stuck. What I didn’t know was just how much the class would exceed my expectations. The hand-outs themselves could stand alone as the course textbook, they are that good. As well, the Beat Sheet she created will be indispensable for working on any and all of my future stories. I’ve taken a couple of webinars from Writer’s Digest previously, and this class compares favorably with them. In fact, I’d say that this one is my favorite of all the web-classes I’ve taken. Jami is to be commended for doing a stellar job!” — Teresa Robeson


Lisa Hall-Wilson – Using Facebook To Build Author Platform

  • “Your  notes are exceptional. Full of info and very easy to understand and  follow. Thank you for that. The webinars were a nice touch and they  added that personal touch that enhances the class and although I wasn’t  able to attend all of them, it’s nice to go back to them and still feel  like I was there…You are an amazing teacher and you should be so  proud! And I’m so grateful for the class – You really helped make FB  less daunting.” Debbie Haynes
  • “The class was well paced and informative and your notes were clear, understandable and covered the topics very well.” ~Joy Griffin Dent w/a Darcy Flynn
  • “Thank you Lisa  for running this awesome class and for all the lessons, resources,  advice and tips. You are a great teacher. I have learned so much about  Facebook – I’m a complete newbie to Facebook and it would have taken me  ages to figure this stuff out myself! It’s been a joy being part of the  class and I look forward to being part of a thriving FB WANA group.” ~Cole Vassiliou
  • “I am amazed at how much I learned as a result of doing this class.” ~Sarah Brabazon
  • “I really enjoyed this class.  The way things were broken down were extremely helpful and well spaced.  I loved that Lisa Hall-Wilson  did critiques of our changes as we went along and having the life-time  membership helps for when I forget.  I’d spend the money again.” -Rhenna Morgan
  • “This course rocked. There is so much more to FB than I ever thought. Love the ‘forever membership’ Thanks Lisa!” – Deeanna Galbraith
  • “Like  all 3 WANA classes I’ve taken, it has been outstanding. Relevant  information by an awesome instructor who is patient with even the most  technophobic people (like me)! You rock, Lisa Hall-Wilson!” ~Suzanne Whitfield Vince
  • “Don’t  let the constant change of Facebook irritate you or worse, overwhelm  you! I have found Lisa Hall-Wilson’s classes about having an author page  and the ins and outs of Facebook, extremely helpful and beneficial. She  goes out of her way to help you understand,  let’s you work at your own pace, and is always available for questions.  It’s not something you can master in a single session, semester, or a  year, thus the lifetime membership in her class is invaluable as we all  know how quickly everything can change on Facebook.” – Jennette Mbewe
  • “Your  courses are awesome, Lisa! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t  use the things you taught me here on FB. Because of you I’ve built my  audience steadily and have even designed several new apps for my Page  through ShortStack. And the lifetime membership is fantastic!” – Tracy Douglass
  • “I  really liked this course. I learned a lot, and I like that you keep the  alumni up to speed on any changes. Especially since FB changes so fast,  sometimes it’s hard to keep up.” – Samantha Warren


Marcy Kennedy – Guide to Twitter

  • One month ago, I had pretty much zero knowledge about Twitter. After your class, I am much more confident and able to use Twitter to promote my brand and to communicate with people outside my normal circles. I have confidence that my profile is professional. I especially like being able to tweet my newest blogs. – Veronica Forand
  • Hashtags? Tweet Deck? Link Shorteners?  Oh my!  Who knew there was so much to know about Twitter?  If you’re new to Twitter, do yourself a favor and take this class.  Marcy Kennedy is the best! – Suzanne W. Vince


Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi: Using Nonverbal Communication to Wow Readers

  • I enjoyed the workshop and got some good ideas. Though it was probably not quite what was intended, I was able to reinforce some of the material in one of my drama classes the next day! It gave a lot of food for thought.  – Rebecca Clayton
  • I loved this webinar and I learned so many new things to use in my writing. It was my first webinar and it was really fun. What a great way to learn.  – Tom Thompson


Marcy Kennedy – Show Me Your Fastball: Crafting Your Logline and Pitch

  • I loved your class and am eternally grateful to you for helping me finally sort out who my main character actually is!!! – Stephanie Ortiz
  • Writing a synopsis or a book blurb is hard enough. But attempting to sort through the meat of a novel and summarize it in 25-30 words sounds like an impossible task. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed up for Marcy’s Loglines class but it more than met my expectations. Marcy led our group in synthesizing our characters, plot, and stakes. She knew how to ask the right questions and offered extremely valuable advice. – Char Newcomb


Marcy Kennedy – A Crash Course to Using Google+ to Build Your Author Platform

  • I learned so much. There’s way more to Google+ than I imagined and I never would have figured it out without your guidance and advice. – Lynn Kelley
  • I found the webinar to be fantastically useful! I  have been on G+ for some time, but wasn’t really using it effectively. Now I have a  vanity URL, I have some extra circles, and I have my profile and email  notifications set up. Talk about effective use of time! – Sarah Brabazon
  • Marcy presented a lot of good information in a clear and useable fashion. She persuaded me to go ahead and get active on Google+ and she streamlined the learning process immensely. – Judith Starkston


Amy Shojai – E-Books For Writers

  • I finally had a chance to listen to it today.  WOW!!!  Tons of fantastic information!  It was overwhelming.  At the end of the session when you asked if there were questions all I could think of was WOW!!!  Where do I start?” “I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME HOURS AND DAYS AND WEEKS OF HEADACHES trying to figure out who and where to start.”  -Laura Tyler
  • “Amy’s presentation E-BOOKS FOR WRITERS was incredibly thorough and entertaining. As a blogger  embarking on the publication of my first E-Book, I now have an A-Z guide after attending this webinar.”–Margot Ahlquist, Life Coach and Blogger, Paws To Talk

Amy Shojai – The Re-Invented Writer

  • “I just logged in and took a great webinar called “The Reinvented Writer” from my pal, Amy Shojai. She did a terrific job navigating us through e-books, blog post tips  and more. Check out her blog called Bling Bitches and Blog at amyshojai.com.”   –Arden Moore, best-selling pet book author and principle at www.FourLeggedLife.com