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Method Acting For Writers: Learn To Write In Deep POV


Class Title: Method Acting For Writers: How to Write In Deep POV

Price: $130

Start Date: January 22, 2018 - February 12, 2018

Instructor Name: Lisa Hall-Wilson

Length: 3 weeks (lifetime access)

Where: Facebook Closed Group

Frustrated Trying To Learn Deep Point Of View?

Learn to Write In Deep Point of View (POV) from Lisa Hall-Wilson on Vimeo.

The Problem...

Struggling to create characters readers care about? Critique partners, editors or agents telling you to dig deeper emotionally? You want to learn Deep POV, but there aren't many resources and each one only gives you the basics. You're only scratching the surface.

I understand your frustration! I spent almost ten years reading every book about Deep POV I could get my hands on and yet never seemed to have the whole picture. I didn't know what I didn't know. Every time I paid for a critique or professional edit, they would point out where I had missed the mark with Deep POV. I didn't know what I didn't know!

This is the class for you!

I've gathered almost ten years of studying this technique into ONE course.

Deep POV is a dynamic, visceral, and immediate style of writing that aims to minimize the perceived distance between the reader and the point of view character. There are a number of stylistic choices an author makes to facilitate this. At the heart of Deep POV is an immersive experience for the reader through an emotional connection to the character.

This deeply personal emotive style of writing resonates with contemporary readers, if you’ve got the guts to “go there” with your characters. This is a difficult skill set to master and there are a lot of intermediate and advanced techniques to learn, but once you “go deep” your writing will be more dynamic, have more emotional depth, and your readers will be begging for the next story.

This class will give you the basic pillars of Deep POV, PLUS all the extras you need to make it work for you:

- eliminate unnecessary telling
- help readers connect with your characters
- create immediacy
- effectively use internal dialogue
- understand and use subtext
- write tight
- create unique character voice
- tap into your emotive memory (just like actors do)
- learn tips from psychology to write emotions with visceral authenticity
- learn to layer and blend emotions to create compelling emotional journeys for readers
- identify and eliminate author intrusion
- learn effective pacing strategies to intensify emotional impact
- get individual feedback on course exercises based on your own work
- network with current and past students also focused on using this technique

How It Works…

You’ll receive new lessons each day. The lessons are available online so you access them anywhere. You'll be invited to a closed Facebook group where you can network, ask questions, and share your homework for feedback from me and other students (including alumni who have already taken the course).

Did I mention you get LIFETIME access, so if life happens and you can't finish or you want to retake the class next time it’s run, you can do that. Throughout the 3 weeks, I will have open office hours in the Facebook group where you can ask questions live and get immediate feedback.

This is a 3 week intensive course. Each day’s lesson will take 10 – 20 min to complete. Each lesson is designed so that you can use your own WIP to work through the course with what you’ve learned.

When Does It Start...

Class begins January 22 and will run for 3 weeks. You can work at your own pace through the course, stay on pace with each day's lesson, or do a few days at a time in a blazing burst of energy. Personal feedback from the instructor is available for one month (Jan 22 - Feb 22), but the Facebook group doesn't close.

How Much...

You get all the lessons for the 3 week intensive course (pdfs you can keep and videos available online), access to the closed Facebook group, personal critiques from the instructor, and lifetime access to the course. All for $130!

What Others Are Saying About This Class

"I participated in Lisa's Deep POV class, once actively and once lurking in the background just absorbing knowledge. Best class on writing craft I've taken. First, off it clarified what all the hoopla about Deep POV. Second, I haven't heard 'Go deeper' from a critique partner in a while, and third, it's made my writing stronger, upping the emotional punch. And isn't that why we read novels for that emotional gut punch? Highly recommended.” 

“Lisa's relaxed manner and approachable spirit in teaching this class motivated me to ask questions and find ways to spot the weaknesses in my work and apply the concepts that could shift my story from mediocre to marvelous. Taking this class on Deep POV helped me to think about my storyline, my voice and the emotional impact that I want to create. I highly recommend this class.”

“Lisa's course on Deep POV was a game changer for me! For the first time I understood what deep POV is and how to use it. It's a struggle for me, and I hope to take this course again, just for the chance to work through Lisa's exercises and get her feedback!”

About The Instructor

Lisa Hall-Wilson is an award-winning journalist and author, and she’s been a freelance writer for ten years turning her love of words into an income. Her passion is to help writers become authors, so look for her classes to go beyond basics and challenge you.

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