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How to Get Your Book Made Into Film


Class Title: How to Get Your Book Made Into Film
Instructor: Writer/Producer Joel Eisenberg
Price: $45 USD Standard
Where: W.A.N.A. Digital Classroom
When: WEDNESDAY November 30th, 2016 1:00 PM E.S.T. to 3:00 P.M. EST

How do you cull the essence of your novel into a feature film? How do you expand your short story for a television series? Finally, when the written adaptation is complete, how do you navigate the Hollywood maze for real money and credits?

Joel Eisenberg has been there. As an independent producer of over 20 years, Joel has developed content or sold projects to networks such as TNT, CBS-Decades, FOX Studios, Ovation TV and more. As the former head of EMO Films at Paramount Studios, Joel is also a professional networker, having hosted entertainment network events at the Paramount lot, as well as Warner Brothers, Sunset-Gower Studios and more. His work has been featured in many media outlets, including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, NBC, The Los Angeles Times, TV Guide and even Fangoria.

In this course, we will discuss:

  1. Film vs. TV. Which medium is preferable to you? Why?
  2. Culling the essence of story. How do you adapt a work of 200 or more pages into a two-hour film? Or, how do you expand the work for a television series?
  3. Which characters will you focus upon? Who are your “sympathetic characters,” if any?
  4. The necessity of show vs. tell.
  5. The benefit of high-concept.
  6. Identification of character motivation and primary through-line.
  7. Networking Your Adaptation Through the Hollywood Maze
  8. How to find money for your independent feature, outside of the usual movie channels. 8. The right way and wrong way to network.
  9. The value of utilizing stars' production companies when setting up your project.
  10. Debunking the myth of agents vs. attorneys.
  11. How to get your book or screenplay into the proper hands, even without contacts.
  12. The best internet resources to find the right producer for your work.
  13. The psychology of celebrity, and how best to find and cultivate professional relationships with high-profile achievers.
  14. How to be taken seriously by high-profile influencers.
  15. Debunking the myth of having to live in Los Angeles or New York.
  16. How to get around the non-acceptance of "unsolicited materials" logjam.
  17. The true value of undiscovered published books and new voices.
  18. The “treasure trove” of streaming services and smaller cable outlets.

In this seminar, Joel will guide you in all facets of adapting your work for Film or TV, and no questions are off-limits.


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