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Going Pro--So You Want to Be an Author (Craft Edition)


Class Title: Going Pro--So You Want to Be an Author (Craft Edition)

Instructor(s): Kristen Lamb
Price(s): $50.00 USD
Where: WANA Virtual Classroom
When:   Wednesday September 3rd from 7 - 9PM NY Time (US Eastern)

Class Description:

We're in a wonderful time to be an author, but a challenging one as well. Discoverability is nothing short of a nightmare. As marketing and advertising lose power, the best way to write full-time and earn a living wage is to write EXCELLENT books that generate rave reviews and word-of-mouth buzz.

We also need to MULTIPLE books, regardless of the publishing path we choose. Compounded sales is critical.

This class will cover the basics of writing fiction. What are the most common newbie blunders? What are some techniques that can take writing from mediocre to magnificent?

What is POV? Which one is right for you, your work and voice? What are genre conventions? Why is genre important? How does genre impact sales?

How do we keep readers turning pages and hungry for the next book and the next?

If you are new to writing, considering transitioning from hobbyist to professional, or simply want to up your game, this class is the answer.

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