Business Classes

Business Classes


Social Media FREEDOM---Harnessing Creativity & Passion to Cultivate Fans (ON DEMAND)

Instructor: Kristen Lamb

Price: $35.00 USD

Where: W.A.N.A. Digital Classroom

When: ON DEMAND (Any time you like)

Listen to many of the social media "experts" out there and social media is a chore, a hassle and even---dare I say it? A NIGHTMARE.

No, worse than a nightmare. To do this social media properly one must possess cloning technology or wheelbarrows of cash to hire help! And then there is all this "adulting", kids to feed, day jobs, and we should get around to writing some books...


Many writers feel enslaved to the very tools that should be setting them free! They grouse and groan and grudgingly comply in order to be good and dutiful "professionals." After weeks or months or years of wearing themselves out, they loudly proclaim, social media doesn't sell books!

Fair point. It actually doesn't (not the way these frustrated folks are going about it anyway).

Yet, I counter that many of us were handed this miraculous tool, then either no instructions or flawed instructions. Social media legalism that squished all the fun out of the experience (FUN that actually is highly attractive to strangers, which is code for "future readers").

Yay! I proclaim ye goeth out and haveth some funneth!


Yes, well get ready to tip over some sacred social media cows and learn how to locate, connect and cultivate and audience for your books and actually enjoy building your brand and cultivating fans. #RadicalStuff

This class is all about working smarter not working harder. At the end of the day, we all need time left to do our NUMBER ONE JOB---living life and enjoying it!

Oh, then the other super important job, WRITING MORE BOOKS.

***A recording of this class is also included with purchase

About the Instructor

Kristen LambKristen Lamb is the author of the definitive guide to social media and branding for authors, Rise of the Machines—Human Authors in a Digital World. She’s also the author of #1 best-selling books We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer

Kristen has written over twelve hundred blogs and her site was recognized by Writer’s Digest Magazine as one of the Top 101 Websites for Writers. Her branding methods are responsible for selling millions of books and used by authors of every level, from emerging writers to mega authors.


Price: $35.00

Date: November 26, 2017

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Blurb Writing Blows - But, It Doesn’t Have To (ON DEMAND)

Instructor: Cait Reynolds

Price: $45.00 USD

Where: W.A.N.A. Digital Classroom

When: ON DEMAND (Any time you like)

The blurb. Back cover description. 150-200 words. Your entire book in 3 small paragraphs.

The heart’s cry goes up from every single writer ever: “THIS IS HARDER TO WRITE THAN THE 90,000 WORDS OF MY BOOK!”

And yet, it shouldn’t be. Approached from a different angle, a blurb should be one of the easiest and most fun things to write. Yes. I went there. I said it. Hopefully, after taking this class, you will be saying it, too. No more blubbering over blurbs. Ever.

This class will cover:

  • Understanding the purpose of a blurb in attracting readers;
  • The top secret formula to structuring a blurb;
  • How to plug-and-play every blurb, every time;
  • Why everything you think is important in your story really isn’t (in terms of the blurb);
  • The secret to keywords, blurbs, and algorithms.


About the Instructor:

Cait Reynolds is a USA Today Bestselling Author and lives in the Boston area with her husband and four-legged fur child. She discovered her passion for writing early and has bugged her family and friends with it ever since. When she isn’t cooking, running, rock climbing, or enjoying the rooftop deck that brings her closer to the stars, she writes. 

Price: $45.00

Date: November 28, 2017

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Harnessing Our Writing POWER: The Blog! ON DEMAND

Instructor: Kristen Lamb
Price: $50.00 USD General Admission/ $15o Gold Level
Where: W.A.N.A. Digital Classroom
When: ON DEMAND (Any time you like)

Whenever I mention the word "blog" writers go pale and likely envision some mindless alien life form that rolls over crowds of screaming people, then melts and absorbs them.

For clarification that is the BLOB and NOT the Blog. Though the way blogging is so frequently taught? Totally understand the confusion.

Blogging is THE most powerful form of social media, and ALSO the most misused and misunderstood (hence why writers avoid it and throw holy water on it).

Twitter could flitter and Facebook could fold but the blog will remain so long as we have an Internet. The blog has been going strong since the 90s and it's one of the best ways to establish a brand and then harness the power of that brand to drive book sales.

The best part is, done properly, a blog plays to a writer's strengths. Writers write.

Oh it is also the easiest of all forms of social media to monetize and the more love you give it, the more it will give back.

This class is going to cover:

  • How author blogs work. What's the difference in a regular blog and an author blog?
  • What do we blog about? What is going to draw readers and get them excited?
  • How do we understand the magical sorcery of Google and harness it to work our WILL? *evil laugh*
  • How can we monetize a blog? Oh no! Asking for money! Scary stuff indeed.
  • How can you cultivate a fan base of people who are uniquely YOUR fans?
  • How does a blog sell books? Because they do…seriously.

Blogging is only hard if we make it that way. This class will help you simplify your blog and make it one of the most enjoyable aspects of your writing career.


Includes the class recording PLUS one hour with me one-on-one discussing your brand and your blog. How can you connect to and cultivate YOUR readers?

Price: $50.00

Date: December 26, 2017

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Brand Boss: When Your Name Alone Can Sell ON DEMAND

Instructor: Kristen Lamb
Price: $45.00 USD/$150 USD Gold Level
Where: W.A.N.A. Digital Classroom
When: ON DEMAND (Any time you like)


All authors need a brand, so this class teaches how to locate and cultivate your audience into passionate fans who BUY YOUR BOOKS!

How can you grow your platform and turn your name alone into a bankable asset? Not as hard as you might have been led to believe.

You DO NOT need to be a tech guru/mega-high-pressure-sales person to excel at this. In fact, best you aren't.

Yet, the reality is that in the digital age of commerce, consumers rely on brands more than ever in human history. They're overwhelmed and we can help them out….by finding US.

Consumers (which is code for readers) buy from who they know, like and trust. In a sea of infinite choices a powerful NAME is a tremendous asset.

Can you say "James Patterson"?

The single largest challenge all writers face in the digital age is discoverability and connecting with our audience is a challenge but nothing we can't handle.

This class will address:

What is a brand? How to make one uniquely your own.

How to BE YOU! You're a writer, not an insurance salesman! 

Harness your imagination & creativity for better results (No one likes SPAM, so don't serve it!).

How to use this information to locate, engage and cultivate an audience.

Myths about exposure.

Common scams that will wreck your brand and earning ability.

Why most promotion is a waste of money.

A list of expensive and not-so-bright ideas for reaching readers.

Knowing when and HOW to promote.

Overall this class is about working smarter not harder. This class is to teach you to think strategically so all energy is focused. Sure, we have to hustle, but why not hustle and there be an AUTHENTIC PAYDAY for all that hard work?

GOLD LEVEL AVAILABLE: This includes the ON DEMAND RECORDING PLUS 90 minutes working with me (Kristen Lamb) building, defining, refining your brand and putting together a PLAN tailored and specific for you!

Price: $45.00

Date: December 26, 2017

Available Spaces: Unlimited


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