Our mission at WANA International is to teach creative professionals how to marry technology with humanity to build effective online platforms. We are here for the whole artist and offer a wide variety of tools to reach your dreams.

We have instruction on business, social media, writing craft, and even lifestyle because let’s face it. Happy, relaxed artists make better art. All of our WANA instructors are artists. There are no IT people or sales/marketing/PR gurus here to try and change who you are. Every instructor understands you because they are artists just like you. Every tactic or tool they offer has been tried, tested, and demonstrated to be effective.

WANA began as a grassroots movement tied to Kristen Lamb’s #1 best-selling social media book, We Are Not Alone. Through the #MyWANA on Twitter, WANA has created tribes of creative professionals all over the globe who are dedicated to supporting one another.

WANA is about serving others first and trusting that good always comes from love. We understand that life as an artist is hard, and is often lacking support from family and friends. So not only will we train you but we will place you with a family of fellow creatives at WANA Tribe to help nurture you as an artist and grow your platform.

With huge success in the publishing world, WANA recognizes that social media is a game-changer for all artists. We can now reach future patrons across the globe from the comfort of our home. It is an exciting time to be an artist, but to be successful we also have to be better trained and know so much more than any artist in human history. Thankfully, we are not alone!