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W.A.N.A. is the training ground for those who desire to be successful storytellers in a new publishing paradigm. The modern writer has more opportunities than ever before, but also faces challenges that have never existed in human history.

Discoverability is a nightmare. Brick-and-mortar stores and POS (point of sale) locations are dwindling daily, meaning more readers are shopping on-line. Everyone with a computer can be “a published author.”

If storytelling is a craft and writing is a business, then W.A.N.A. is the trade school (though it might feel more like the agoge). The digital age author must to far do more with far less. We must be better, stronger, faster than ever before and trained to anticipate, drive and take advantage of change instead of merely adapting to it (or griping about it).

A marketplace that has never existed before requires an author who has never existed before. A borderless world demands classrooms without walls.

Our goal is to provide affordable and accessible author training from tested professionals who are proven experts in what they teach. While we welcome the hobbyist, we’re built for those who desire to go pro. We’re a school with a different set of priorities—readers before critics, sales over certificates, and royalties off everything rightfully yours from film to foreign to audio and more.


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi “W.A.N.A.” people,

    I’m new and excited about the two classes I signed up for online. Backstory and strong female characters.

    I’m looking for any current or upcoming live, in person, face to face, workshops to meet and interact with other striving authors as well as established authors. Is there any upcoming writing workshops or retreats in 2018? Maybe we all could go meet at a resort, bond, share ideas for finding help or resources to aid us towards our writing goals? Maybe listen from you guys to what’s new and the current trends for writers in 2018? Anything really.

    How does getting the tribe together online and vote for an alumni and Newbie gathering?

    Are you interested in something like this? Or have you kind of evolved to online only?

    Thanks for your time for reading this,

    Janey Cowdrey

  2. Hi Janey! These are all great ideas, and we do have some exciting plans for 2018. I would suggest you get on over to wanatribe.com and message Kristen Lamb with all your wonderful ideas and wishlist items πŸ™‚


    P.S. Really excited to have you in the Backstory class! I have lots of good, challenging stuff planned πŸ˜€

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