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Craft Classes

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How To Get Them Talking - Learn To Interview Like A Journalist

Course: How To Get Them Talking - Learn To Interview Like A Journalist

Instructor Name(s): Lisa Hall-Wilson

Cost: $35.00 USD

When: Saturday, January 25, 2013, 11:00AM - 12:10PM NY Time

Where: WANA Virtual Classroom

Whether you're writing fiction, non-fiction, articles, or blogging, take your writing to the next level by interviewing experts, professionals, or people who have already been there and done that. Learn from a journalist on how to get the interview, craft questions, get a source talking, how to ask the hard questions without offending, and best practices.


What Others Have Said:
"Lisa was warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I appreciated the stories she shared about various interviews she conducted and the lessons I could apply to my own experiences. I also appreciated her time and willingness to answer any of my own questions and the ideas and resources she provided me. At the end of this workshop, I felt like I had some insider tips I could use to begin my own journey.  At the conclusion of our time together, I felt empowered to begin the journey of telling people's stories." ~Marian Shehata

Lisa Hall-Wilson is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer who's published nearly 100 articles for the Canadian market. She's interviewed best-selling authors, JUNO-winning musicians, comedians, drug addicts, former prostitutes, police officers, firefighters, pastors, and people with a great story to tell.


The live webinar will be recorded and available for two months beyond the close of registration, so even if you can't make it you can still listen later at your convenience. A PDF of the slide presentation will also be made available.

Price: $35.00

Date: January 25, 2014

Available Spaces: 12

Bullies and Baddies---Understanding the Antagonist

Class Title: Bullies and Baddies---Understanding the Antagonist

Instructor(s): Kristen Lamb
Price(s): $50.00 USD General Admission
$170.00 USD Gold Level
Where: WANA Virtual Classroom
When:   Saturday JULY 26th, 2014 from NOON to 2:00 PM NY Time (US Eastern)

Class Description:

Bullies & Baddies---Understanding the Antagonist

All fiction must have a core antagonist. The antagonist is the reason for the story problem, but the term “antagonist” can be highly confusing. Without a proper grasp of how to use antagonists, the plot can become a wandering nightmare for the author and the reader.

This class will help you understand how to create solid story problems (even those writing literary fiction) and then give you the skills to layer conflict internally and externally.


Bullies & Baddies---Understanding the Antagonist Gold

This is a personal workshop to make sure you have a clear story problem. And, if you don’t? I’ll help you create one and tell the story you want to tell. This is done by phone/virtual classroom and by appointment. Expect to block off at least a couple hours.

This pricing is for a single title only. For trilogies and series, contact Kristen for a quote on our contact page.

Price: $50.00

Date: July 26, 2014

Available Spaces: Unlimited


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